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Highmark BCBS
Individual & Family Health Insurance

Mostly known in the Pennsylvania area, HighmarkBCBS also has a presence in a few other states. If you are seeking a new health insurance policy, then you might need to find one through this company. The most popular plans are managed health care plans, such as HMO's, PPO's, and POS policies. For those who have signed up with this type of managed network, one of the first steps is choosing a primary care provider, or PCP. This is an important decision, because your PCP is your first point of contact not only for routine doctor's visits, but also when anything goes wrong. Your PCP may be the person who serves as a family doctor, or they could just see you as an individual.

In most cases, the primary care provider will be a doctor. However, in some cases an Internist, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician's Assistant could serve as your PCP. Be sure to check with HighmarkBCBS about which local offices in your area are covered under their plans, before you start your search. It's important to find a health care service that will make you feel comfortable, because the idea is that your PCP is someone who will get to know your medical needs well over time. It should be someone that you feel comfortable going back to, and talking about sensitive medical information.

Some people prefer a primary care provider who is friendly and personable, while others work better with someone who has a very brisk and professional demeanor. It's impossible to known what any new doctor's office is like until you go there to visit, so once you have narrowed down your list of providers approved by HighmarkBCBS, the next step is to go in to interview the doctor or check out the clinical office. Be sure that the office staff is personable and helpful, and that they return your calls swiftly. You will also want to check out the office hours, to find out if they match your own schedule.

It's possible to ask for references from a doctor's colleagues and former patients, so that you can get a more well-rounded idea of how this professional is perceived in the industry as well. With all of this information in mind, you can then sign up for a HighmarkBCBS plan that covers your doctor's visits. The PCP will be the person that you can then contact for any medical needs, including referrals to other specialists when needed.

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