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When you first sign up for a Highmark PPO Blue healthcare plan, because it is part of the preferred provider organization, you will be required to choose a PCP, or primary care provider. Many of these insurance plans will limit the list of providers that you can choose from, or will give you a discount if you choose from one list vs. another. Be sure that you understand what your options are before you start narrowing down the potential candidates, so that you don't make the mistake of choosing one provider that you are happy and comfortable with only to find out that they are not approved by your insurance plan.

Other places to find referrals before you choose a PCP for your Highmark PPO Blue health care plan include from your friends, relatives, or neighbors, as well as from state-level medical associations, nursing boards, or other professional organizations along these lines. If you already visit health care professionals, you could ask them for a referral. This includes dentists, pharmacists, or previous providers that you were happy with. Many of the top health plans also have a customer service center, which will help give you specific recommendations tailored to your health profile and personal needs. These are just a few ideas to get you started with a list of potential PCP's.

Once you have this list narrowed down, you can plan a visit to the office or call to ask initial questions. During these first forays into communication, note whether the office hours are amenable to your schedule, and if you find the office staff to be helpful. Find out how many referrals the PCP usually provides, as well as what types of test they can order for you. Ask for references from other colleagues or patients, if you want to know what the professional reputation of this provider is. Through Highmark PPO Blue Cross plans, you can choose from a variety of professionals.

The relationship that you have with any PCP is extremely important. Although it's possible to switch if you are unhappy with the one that you have, the general idea of Highmark PPO Blue policies is that you will be able to choose an individual who you will see on an ongoing basis for years. That gives you the convenience of having someone who can track your medical changes over time, and who knows your needs. This means it's important to choose someone who you feel comfortable with above all else.

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