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Health insurance plans can vary widely, and coverage will depend on the specific health insurance that you have. Knowing the different types of coverage, what the insurance pays, and what the deductibles are is an important step to saving money on your health insurance policy. There are plans which are considered health maintenance organizations, or HMO's, preferred provider organizations, or PPO's, health savings accounts with high deductible health plans, and other health insurance plans which may contain components of different insurance types.

Health maintenance organizations use a primary care physician, or PCP as they are also referred to, as the main medical provider. You visit your primary doctor for all your medical and preventative needs, such as checkups, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, and other non emergency care, as well as any care that may need a specialist.

PPO health plans use a preferred provider network to give you savings on this type of health insurance. The health insurance company negotiates discounts with certain providers in exchange for including these providers in the network. Most PPO health plans have in network doctors and specialists to cover any medical condition or situation. These health insurance plans also offer their patients a choice, because the discounts negotiated with providers also lowers your costs for using these providers.

A health savings account, along with a high deductible health plan, can really give you savings on your health insurance policy. With this plan you do not have health insurance until you reach the high deductible amount, which is two thousand nine hundred dollars for a single plan and fifty eight hundred dollars for a family plan. This money is used for medical expenses up to the deductible amount, after which the high deductible health insurance coverage starts. This health insurance can save you thousands of dollars each year over traditional health plans.

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